Catch and Cook in Cornwall

Catch and Cook in Cornwall

Summer screams ‘catch and cook’, a foodie activity that is perfect for all the family to enjoy and will offer the freshest of fresh fish and shellfish available. It is a great way to teach the youngest in the family about food and ensures sustainable sourcing of seasonal fish.

...nothing beats a summer evening on the beach grilling freshly caught bass over a fire pit.

Catching your first fish is a joyous and triumphant experience and nothing beats a summer evening on the beach grilling freshly caught bass over a fire pit. BBQ’d sardines, gutted and grilled whole on a smoky fire as the sun sets is the Cornish lifestyle epitomised and is super simple – no filleting required.

For the brave and sea-worthy among us hopping in a boat, paddling out and catching some Cornish mackerel and pilchards is easy. For those who are a little fazed, or indeed cannot man a ship, Ben Quinn’s Catch and Cook day is the answer.

Ben is passionate about sourcing local produce. His boat can take up to seven people and his in-depth knowledge of cheffing and the coast means that your catch is guaranteed. The learning experience can be anywhere along the coast and indeed it is important to head where the season dictates. Eat sashimi on the boat to whet your appetite before heading back to the beach to fillet and prepare a sumptuous supper. 

For a bolt-hole from which to catch your very own Moby Dick, check out our luxury cottages in Cornwall.

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