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On Scotland…

On Scotland…

“It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome and the whisky is delicious.” - JK Rowling

No country seems to evoke wild romanticism and fierce independence than Scotland, where astonishing landscapes make you feel like you’ve stepped into a timeless place, where the world feels still young and untouched, where myth and legend feels very much alive and kicking.

So, it’s no wonder that for many of us, escaping to a cottage in Scotland seems increasingly attractive; to escape the mundane and frankly hectic world of the everyday, to slip away from the modern world and seek adventures as far removed from the everyday that is possible, without having to step onto a plane.

Here at Boutique Retreats, we’ve fallen headfirst in love with our Scottish retreats, whether it’s a converted bothy on the Isle of Skye, a super-exclusive homestay on the banks of Loch Lomond or a delightfully hidden away cottage on the Isle of Mull. But it’s not just the properties themselves that draw us in, but the land on which they lie, amongst the heather-strewn mountains, tucked away down snaking single track roads, next to ink-black lochs or pristine coastline – a veritable world away from the commuter belt.

So, what makes Scotland such a desirable place to stay? For me, it’s the wonderful combination of spirit, landscape, people and produce.

From the beginning a fierce independence has sprung from the Caledonians, who refused to be controlled and forced back the might of the Roman Empire and the English. In contrast to this is a romantic lyricism; from Robert Burns to Sir Walter Scott and J.M Barrie to Arthur Conan Doyle, the people of Scotland have produced works of incredible beauty, much drawn from the land on which they lived, whether through poetry, song, or prose.

From the lush, rolling pastures of the borders up to the craggy heights of the highlands, the landscape of Scotland can never be called dull. Its cities are ancient and characterful, strong stone architecture and wet cobbled streets reflecting the bright windows that beckon you inside, out of the cold. The wild coastline is home to a stunning array of islands - from Arran to Shetland – whilst deep, mirror-like lochs dot the landscape like paint off a brush. Let’s not forget the incredible wildlife either; Scotland is home to wild deer, Golden eagles, otters, red squirrels and puffins – many of which have now sadly retreated from England.

Whilst the landscape may appear austere to some, the same cannot be said of its people; fierce in their fight to be independent they may be, but they will always offer a warm welcome. You’ll often come across an old inn hosting a cèilidh, where dancing, music and drink combine for a wonderful evening. And don’t forget Scottish hospitality; the food here is impressive and luxurious; from game and meats through to incredible seafood and baked goods, eating here is remarkably good, whether you’re cooking for yourself or sampling the local restaurants. Fancy a tipple or two? You’re literally spoilt for choice with a plethora of whiskey and gin distilleries, not to mention breweries, pubs and inns… so cheers, or slàinte mhath as they say in Gaelic!

So, for the wild at heart seeking an escape into the breathtakingly beautiful, look no further than Scotland, where stunning scenery meets a warm welcome, and with Boutique Retreats, you’ll find a truly luxurious getaway – the perfect combination we think…

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