Soul Soothing Moments with Sauna Society

We excitedly made our way to the stunning clifftops of Watergate Bay, where a soul soothing afternoon awaited us with the Sauna Society, Cornwall’s premium wood-fired sauna experience.  Before we set about immersing ourselves in the heat of the sauna, we decided to venture down to Watergate Bay Beach for a brisk dip in the sea, as suggested by the Team at Sauna Society. After all, we wanted to experience the full effects and benefits of the afternoon’s activity. We channelled our inner Wim Hof and after a brisk frolic, we ventured the short walk back up the hill to the clifftop sauna, revitalised and ready to get steamy! 


We were greeted by the friendly Sauna Society Team, who guided us over to the sauna, perched high on the clifftop with uninterrupted views over the north Cornish coast. Damien and Naomi from the Sauna Society team briefed us about our session and ran through the benefits of this wellbeing experience.  Naomi showed us around the sauna, which had reached a toasty temperature of around 80 degrees Celsius. She also pointed out the freshwater rainfall shower, which they recommended to use to cool down throughout the session, or for those brave enough, to try out cold water immersion.

Naomi also showed us the range of complimentary essential oils that were available to use to enhance the sensory experience during our session in the sauna. We chose the eucalyptus oil, which has a lovely fresh and slightly woodsy aroma. Eucalyptus also has many health benefits and is used in a range of medicines. A few drops of the oil were added to water, which we could then pour onto the hot stones as we pleased.

Built from Canadian cedarwood with British wool insulation, the sauna is powered by a woodfired stove that heats traditional Estonian stones. Wooden benches at various heights line the inside of the sauna, and there is a wide window for gazing out onto Watergate Bay. After we had acclimatised to the sizzling temperature, watching the waves roll in from the comfort of the balmy sauna was sheer bliss.  

We took it in turns to try out the different benches in the sauna, quickly learning that the top bench was the hottest spot in the cabin. We took regular trips to the rainfall shower to experiment with the cold-shocking therapy recommended by our hosts. Experiencing both extremes in temperature can have wonderful benefits on our immune systems and be incredible for mental health. As saunas cause the body to lose water through sweat, it’s important to regularly rehydrate. Our lovely hosts left water for us just outside the sauna, so we were able to keep cool. Our hour-long session flew by as we delighted in the serenity of this wonderful wooden space. We emerged with rosy cheeks and glowing skin feeling entirely fresh and revitalised.

Sauna Society launches their first wood-fired sauna experience at Watergate Bay in June 2022. The sauna seats up to 8 and can be booked for one-hour communal sessions or private 1-hour or 2-hour experiences. Sauna Society will also be hosting workshops throughout the summer and beyond, which will be centred around breath work, hot and cold immersion, and holistic health.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about Sauna Society and book your session here.

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 Title image captured by John Hersey

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