Inkie's Smokehouse BBQ, North Cornwall

Inkie's Smokehouse BBQ, North Cornwall

Inkie’s Smokehouse reminds me of a cool deep-south club, a BBQ joint which prides itself on proper smoked food, authentic BBQ and cooked low 'n' slow for a minimum of 16 hours. Winners of the South heat of the British Street Food Awards after just 8 months of trading, it’s a club that you want to be part of to gorge on finger lickin’ meat.

Karen is super-convinced that you can only get the true taste of BBQ if you follow the old ways and Inkie's are as proud as punch to say that they do.

Inkies really started 17 years ago when owner Karen’s love of smoking meat began. She started off with an ol’ tin bucket and a block of wood, along with different herb and spices and home caught trout and game. 4 years later smokin’ meat became a love-affair that needed somewhere to showcase the passion, and Inkie’s was born.

The ethos of Inkie’s food is simple they strive to produce the most authentic pit smoked BBQ you can get coupled with an environmental value of only smoking over sustainable lumpwood charcoal and various fruit and hard woods. Karen is super-convinced that you can only get the true taste of BBQ if you follow the old ways and Inkie’s are proud as punch to say that they do. Honestly, the taste is incredible!

All of their meat is free range and of local provenance so that they know they’re getting the best possible product.  In fact, such is the dedication to ethical practice that Inkie’s also produce their own hot-link sausages (these are really good).

The quality of the food is incredible. Karen is an activist when it comes to serving fresh from the BBQ/Smoker. That means no pre-cook, freeze, reheat. What you are served is fresh, delicious and straight from the pit.

Not just street food, Inkie’s launched a range of locally produced artisan sauces in March 2015 which you may discover in deli’s and farm shops across Cornwall. New products will included a range of dry rubs – for all the home BBQ fans – and potentially a smoked coffee.

If you’re going to go for anything then go for the Cowboy Platter. You will get 22 hour

cherry-smoked beef brisket, homemade Boston beans and cornbread muffins. As a massive fan of brisket I would urge you to relegate the pulled-pork to have for seconds, because the brisket is beyond divine. Karen shares this view and always urges people to have a taster of the beef brisket, 9 times out of 10 they will never order the pulled pork again! If that hasn’t convinced you Inkie’s has converted a 25-year veggie with their brisket…  

Ribs are always a good choice, especially with the cherry maple glaze; plus another customer favourite is the pulled pork and brisket piled high in a Da Bara bakery demi brioche roll.

Find Inkie’s in a variety of spots in the North Cornwall area.

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