The Chough Bakery, Padstow

The Chough Bakery, Padstow

The Chough Bakery is a shining blue and cream beacon on the harbour front in Padstow. Beckoning you in – led by the nose- for scrumptious pastries, cakes, bread and pasties. The oldest business in town the Ead family have been providing the good people of Padstow with delicious baked goods since 1952 (well milk to begin with before evolving into a bakery).

Flour clad and wonderfully welcoming the Chough Bakery is the place to grab your elevenses, a perfectly crimped award-winning Cornish pasty made with clotted cream. Yup, clotted cream. One never said that a pasty was the epitome of health food. 

Now everyone has their favourite pasty shop. So and so’s are the most succulent, what’s his face has the best pastry, thingy’s season the filling just the way I like it – and so on. Whilst a pasty aficionado I am not, if you like your lunchtime snack fare to be globally recognised then a Cornish steak pasty from Chough Bakery is probably a good bet. Multiple winners of the World Pasty Championships and the British Pie Awards the humble pasties sat on the silver trays are the pastry equivalent of the Nobel Prize.*


Robert and Elaine, alongside daughter Louisa, are at the heart of the quayside craft bakery, priding themselves on innovative flavours, a groaning shelf of awards and a passion for pastry. What began as a milk round evolved into the bakery thanks to Elaine’s thirst for know-how and a rightful respect for her mother-in-law (who taught her how to make pasties and to crimp pastry like a magician).


Ticking all the boxes for locally sourced the ingredients are of the highest quality and lowest food miles a visit to the Chough Bakery will fill your tum with deliciousness.


*Potentially exaggerated comparison – if you know of a better globally recognised award for achievement in this particular context do update us!


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Website | 3 The Strand, Padstow, PL28 8AJ | 01841 533 361 


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