The Coppa Dolla Inn, Devon

The Coppa Dolla Inn, Devon

During my stay in Devon, I wanted a taste of proper, traditional Devonian food. Booking a table at Coppa Dolla Inn, a local country-side pub nestled into the beautiful village of Broadhempston, I knew I was in for a tasty treat. 

Ambling through Broadhempston, a picturesque tight-knit village deep in the countryside of Devon and just a short drive from Totnes, the other half and I were heading to the highly recommended Coppa Dolla Inn. We were already staying at one of our Boutique Retreats at Broadhempston, so it was lovely to know there was a traditional Devonian pub just a couple of minutes’ walk away from our doorstep.

Strolling up to the pub, we could already see the warmth of the fire flickering through the windows and hear the chatter of the merry locals. The Coppa Dolla Inn is wrapped in lush greenery and flowers, giving it a rustic, fairy-tale look which matches beautifully with the pretty little village. Also, to the side of the inn, there is a large and spacious beer garden which boasts some spectacular views over the valley.

However, as it was the evening and we wanted to make the most of the homely fire, we headed inside. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by a laid-back atmosphere, quirky and charming interiors and by the smiles of the locals and owners.

I had booked a table for 8:30pm, but we arrived half an hour early – it was no problem at all, we were offered a seat close to the bar where we enjoyed our drinks and perused the menu while we waited for our booked table to free up.

From our corner, I took in the setting; eyeing the copper tins and pans hanging from the ceiling and watching the owner greet everybody who came through the door with a smile and a hug; obviously a well-loved and well-known host. Coming over to us, he explained his unique menu – stating that their famous 2in1 pies were all freshly made and an old family recipe. The pies consisted of half an earthenware bowl of cauliflower cheese and the other half a traditional pie, all fresh and made to order, with a choice of a warm baguette or mixed vegetables on the side.

Once ready, we made our orders and then were moved to our booked table right next to the open log fire. We enjoyed chatting and taking in the hearty atmosphere – though the pub was full, it was still remarkably calm and peaceful, all patrons enjoying hot food and a nice drink after work.

Our meals arrived on wooden boards and steaming hot. Both of us being slight, we ordered a small pie which was generous and perfect for us. The bubbling cheese smelt divine and mixed incredibly well with both our pie choices: mine being chicken, leak and bacon and the other half’s being turkey and ham. I tucked into the vegetables which were fresh and sweet, as the Mister mopped up his filling with his warm bread.

We glanced at “The Naughty Board” (another reason for ordering a small pie!) and spotted our favourite desserts: lemon posset and sticky toffee pudding. Though full of pie and highly satisfied, we were not going to say no to our never-ending sweet cravings!

After several hours of eating and unwinding, we watched the fire slowly burn out before heading back to our abode. Our Friday evening consisted of a warm setting, lovely people and delicious food – what more could you want?

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The Coppa Dolla Inn is a wonderful pub and is incredibly popular, so we and the owners do advise you book in advance! Find out more about this beautiful, rustic, country pub here.  

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