Oliver's Coffee House, Dorset

Oliver's Coffee House, Dorset

After a speedy shopping trip around Sherborne, I needed to unwind, relax and have a good cup of coffee - Oliver's Coffee House answered my prayers!

Strolling through the bustling high-street of Sherborne after some retail therapy, I was in desperate need of coffee and something sweet. Just up the road from the stunning Sherborne Abbey, I stumbled across a quirky, old-worldly looking café: Oliver’s Coffee House.

I had heard many positive things about this coffee house and had been recommended it several times, it was a stroke a luck that I came across it!

Going through the grand glass doorway, I was welcomed into a large, warm room filled with smiling patrons and the smell of fresh coffee and homemade cakes. This charming café boasts long rustic, communal wooden tables as well as several cosy, intimate pods nestled into the wall. Being just my book and I, I ordered a black americano and decided to take one of the pods whilst I perused the menu and took in the unique décor.

Oliver’s Coffee House was originally a butcher's shop dating back to the 19th century; its premises back then designed with the Art Deco Style in mind. Aspects of its original character can still be seen today with its red and black tiles, its solid teak carved shop front and its beautiful long chained flower lights.

After looking through the incredibly generous and extensive meal, I decided to go for a light lunch and have farm house paté served on granary toast. I was saving myself for the big event: the cakes!

Drooling over the cake display, I was struggling to decide between all the cakes, muffins, bars and pastries. The very friendly waitress remembered my strong coffee order and recommended something sweet and refreshing: the lemon sponge. I was sold!

Tucking in, the cake was moist and creamy - the exact amount of sweet and tart for my taste buds. The generous slice of cake lasted me several chapters through my book; I enjoyed the soft and gentle ambience, listening to the quiet chatter of friends and the clinking of forks to place. This was a wonderful way to finish off my day in Sherborne with cake, coffee and relaxation.

I bid my farewells to the ever-so friendly staff, ogling the cakes one last time, before leaving this charming little gem and heading onto my next adventure.

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Oliver's Coffee House is a lovely cafe nestled into the town of Sherborne, not far from the famous Sherborne Abbey. Providing home-made cakes, lunches and coffee, as well as a cake making service should you want some of these delicious delights for an event or dinner party. Find out more about this charming coffee house here

Website | Oliver's Coffee House, 19 Cheap Street, Sherborne, DT9 3PU | 01935 815005

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