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Wednesday lunch time, I was ploughing through my to-do list at work munching on a plain and dry sandwich when I saw something special pop up on Instagram: a Canteen Cornwall Flash Feed!

A Canteen Cornwall flash feed is a last minute and exclusive announcement, usually on social media, inviting followers to an outdoor feast - first come, first served. Moments after spotting the announcement, I glanced at the menu and my taste buds took over. I messaged this lovely company and booked a place for me and the other half; dinner sorted for the evening!

Canteen Cornwall is based at the Wheal Kitty Workshops in St Agnes, founded by Chef Ben Quinn with the motto “good people, cooking good food”. With a unique twist on food, and a creative and friendly team, any evening organised by Canteen Cornwall is always a special treat.

Arriving at The Canteen at around 6:30pm, there was lovely lull of friendly smiles and chatter amongst all the special guests. We all had a moment to speak with owner and founder Ben Quinn – a familiar face to us at Boutique Retreats, as he has often done private catering for some of our lucky guests. After a quick glance in The Canteen itself and a natter with new faces, we made our way towards the hidden feast that awaited us.

Taken through a secret path, we were led to what felt like the edge of the world where a long white table laid out look towards the horizon, surrounded by coastal cliffs darting out towards the sea. Admiring the ocean view, we took our seats amongst the other guests, sat with complete strangers who were soon to be new friends. The smell of the barbecue wafted in the air, our mouths watering as we took in the breath-taking scenery around us.

Dinner was a melange of delicious dishes, all made to share. We split our meal with a family of four – all in good spirits and humour as we tucked into the grilled lamb with harissa, pearl barley & salted cucumber tabbouleh, roasted onion and carrot in chilli & honey and a shaved fennel & lemon salad. On the side, we were also served flat bread with tahini and sumac which we tore and shared amongst ourselves. The family which we shared our meal with came from Greek descent, and they admired the community and family vibe this event brought them, and which reminded them of their heritage – being able to dine outside and make new friends by the ocean.

After the main course we were all individually served our own desserts of roast rhubarb, rose water and clotted cream with hazelnuts. Smooth, creamy and divine – the refreshing taste of the rhubarb was the perfect finish to cleanse the palate after an evening of crazing on the four main dishes.

We remained seated with our newly found friends for the evening, soaking up the rays on the sunset whilst enjoying the banter of new company. Being able to experience new food, in a unique setting whilst creating new memories with new friends over the table was a truly magical way to finish off the day. We took a stroll around the cliff edge, admiring the stunning view before saying our goodbyes to the owner and heading home to rest, ready for our next adventure. 

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