Uppark House and Garden, Petersfield

Uppark House and Garden, Petersfield

Uppark House is a gorgeous 18th century country house and family home bursting with character, charm and a scandalous history!

This majestic house was original built in 1690, then remodelled by Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh in the 1750s and has been the home to the Fetherstonhaugh family ever since. The ground floor is grand and luxurious; made for those who lived the high-life with Georgian interiors, French furniture, delicate Dutch porcelains and stunning Italian paintings.

Take a step back in time and wander through the extravagant rooms including The Red Drawing Room with decorative wallpaper dating back to 1850s and The Tapestry Bedroom where it was said that the Prince of Wales slept in the 1780s. The Grand Dining Room is definitely a sight to see with its beautiful panelling and pilasters. You can also find out this room’s historical scandals! Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh, son of Sir Matthew, was notorious for his grand and extravagant bachelor parties which he held in this very dining room – it was said that Emma Hamilton, famous actress of the time, allegedly danced naked on the dining table during one of his infamous parties!

In contrast to the luxury grand floor, the basement below is the Servant’s Quarters. Though the basement has changed over the years, it is currently presented as it would have looked back in the 19th century. Walk through the Still Room, the Scullery and the Kitchen to see understand the running of the day to day events of this majestic house. You can also take a peak into the Butler’s Pantry and the Housekeeper’s room to see how the head of the workforce kept everything in order for the Fetherstonhaugh family. You can also view the impressive beer and wine cellar, which was a part of the original 1690s house – it was recorded in the 1874 inventory list that this cellar contained over 1190 gallons of wine! You can also uncover the secret tunnels that run under the house. They were used by the servants to wheel trollies of food between the house and the service blocks, to remain hidden from sight whilst still being able to serve the Fetherstonhaugh household.

The gardens of this impressive estate are well worth a visit, as well as the nearby The Pleasure Grounds containing Silver Maples and Tulip Trees. Uppark prides itself on conserving and encouraging wild life in the grassland and woodland, so if you arrive early enough you may be lucky to spot one of the Native Brown Hares. With many walks to choose from, a beautiful house to explore as well as a shop and a café, you have all you need to spend a day out in the stunning countryside of Sussex.

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