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Origin's Coffee & Cocktail Masterclass at The Warehouse

Origin's Coffee & Cocktail Masterclass at The Warehouse

Coffee, not just a pick-me-up to survive the 9 to 5 daily grind. Uncover unique liquor combinations that are not only a treat for the palate, but a quirky way to incorporate your two loves; coffee and cocktails. Whatever your preferred poison, you’ll be sure to fall in love with an original coffee cocktail at Origin’s magical masterclass.

Origin’s Head Barista and passionate mixologist, Adam Pascoe hosts an event which combines two famed beverages, along with a touch of his inspiring flair. Adam curated a make-it-yourself menu page of his invented concoctions – with us being more than enthused to taste-test his experiment. Hosted in Origin’s Penryn coffee shop, a plant lover’s haven set amongst a Scandi-style interior; the intimate setting was a welcome sight on a gloomy Tuesday evening in November. 

There's nothing better than a coffee cocktail masterclass to shake off those winter blues. I couldn’t attend this event without my equally unashamed coffee-adoring partner, making this the ideal venue for any espresso lovers in search of the next cool date night idea – or any caffeine addict for that matter. After all, we diehard fanatics drink coffee until it’s acceptable to move onto espresso martinis...

Discarding our winter coats, we were greeted at The Warehouse by friendly faces and an even more welcoming sight; a lengthy wooden table donning an array of artisan spirits from around the globe. Oh, happy Tuesday! With a compilation of soft indie tracks creating a deliciously moody ambience, we were ready to commence. The event kicked off with a punchy serving of the much-anticipated coffee classic; a rich yet creamy espresso martini. Admittedly the only cocktail we were sure would be gracing the stage, and its appearance was certainly not a disappointment. Adam’s addition of vanilla infused liqueur added a new depth to this already delectable coffee masterpiece – an elegantly subtle twist we will no doubt be experimenting with in our own kitchen.  As an incredibly attentive host, Adam showered us with his expertise as both a mixologist and talented Head Barista. With light-hearted flair and an openness to any questions, Adam shared his vast knowledge of each cocktail’s history and origin. Alongside vital info of where we could acquire each crucial component, we were certainly inspired to recreate coffee cocktails after the event.

Once eagerly devoured yet desperately savoured, it was time for the next act. Adam’s own invention, Peculiar Plum, is a perfected combination of some of the boldest flavours – shiraz, cacao infused whiskey, cold brew and plum liqueur combo, which after a tentative first sip immediately stole the evening. If you’re looking for a festive inspired flavour to grace your yuletide menu, this is the one for you. Another classic Adam replicated with a twist, the Negroni. All the traditional elements, with the subtle feature of Origin’s cold brew and orange marmalade gin; a popular Italian aperitif with a twist, served on the rocks. This dreamy concoction boasted a delicate spiral of orange peel and dried, candied citrus slices; we were snuck in on little expert tips and ways to achieve these classy garnishes from Adam. A simple garnish is the perfect way to spice up cocktail hour – and picture-perfect for your Instagram of course.  

Next to be shaken up by Adam’s expert mixing, a true star of the night – the caramelised banana espresso martini.  Almost more dessert than cocktail, this luxury indulgence certainly adds a touch of decadence to your happy hour! A perfected mix of banana liqueur, cold brew and vodka, all topped with a unique cream recipe – and of course, a slice of caramelised banana to garnish. Simply divine.

If you’re looking for an original evening experience to add a little flavour to your week, take a peek at Origin’s next cocktail masterclass online – taking place Tuesday 26 November 2019, 18:00 - 19:00 at The Warehouse in Penryn.

Feeling tempted? Visit Origin Coffee for more info.

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