Outdoor Space

St Nectan’s Glen, Trethevy

Reputedly the site of the hermitage of 6th century saint St Nectan, this beautiful waterfall is a sacred spot to many with the area around it bedecked in ribbons, prayers, crystals and the like. Surrounded by ancient woodland, it's also a space of scientific interest as there are many rare specimens of plants in the area. There's a tea shop and a meditation room too.

A magical glen and waterfall tucked away from the rugged North Cornish Coast, this is eye-popping, question-popping territory. Park at Trevethy (between Tintagel and Boscastle) and walk via St Piran’s Church, following the River Trevillet through the leafy glen to the thundering 60ft fall. 

www.st-nectansglen.co.uk | 01840 779538 | Trethevy, Tintagel, Cornwall PL34

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