Restronguet Creek in the sun

Restronguet Creek in the sun

The Pandora Inn is a super popular destination whenever the sun comes out. However, instead of driving straight down there, park up at Mylor Bridge and stroll down to Wier Point on the edge of the Restronguet Creek before treating yourself to a nice, cold drink at the oh-so popular inn. 

My partner and I, lovers of walks in the sunshine, were thrilled with the weather last weekend and made the most of it by popping to one of our favourite places for a summertime drink: The Pandora Inn.

We started the car and began to head down there, but as it was blissfully warm in the sun, we decided to stop, park up at Mylor Bridge and actual walk to Restronguet Creek, where Pandora Inn nestles on the water’s edge.

We had only ever driven through Mylor bridge before, so it was lovely to stroll through the quaint Cornish village and actually see Mylor Creek from the pretty little stone bridge.

From the adorable children’s play park, we ambled towards the local butchers where we turned off to the right, continuing down the street before walking up the hill on the left at the end of the road. We were pleasantly surprised to see a narrow forest path, which looked as it had been lifted straight out of a fairy tale.

It was lush with green and life, and very rural – I was glad I was wearing sensible shoes! The pretty woodland path opened up onto a large field, which had a small path on its edge along the hedgerow. Peaking through the bushes we could see fabulous views of the creek. It was wonderful to have it all to ourselves, walking hand-in-hand, in the middle of the rolling Cornish countryside.

From the field, we arrived at a little narrow cross road and went down the steep hill opposite of where the field path ended. It was lovely to get a bit of shade below the trees that litter the road-side edges. At the bottom we arrived at Wier Point, a lovely, secluded pebbled beach which boasts some spectacular views of Restronguet point and the lovely gardens and properties which sit beautiful on it. 

We took a moment to enjoy the water, letting the gentle waves wash over our feet, before we walked onto the small path which connects the beach to Pandora Inn. From Wier Point, you can continue over the beach if the tide is out and you have some good shoes, but we fancied having a nose at the awe-inspiring homes that run along the edge of the beach, up the stone path.

Walking past each home, we understood why so many people desired to live in this lovely patch of heaven; the views are to die for.

Arriving at the Pandora Inn, only forty-five minutes after leaving the car, we took a seat on the pier and order some well-earned cold drinks. The Pandora Inn dates back to the 13th century and is full of character and style. Whether you decide to huddle by the log-burner indoors or arrive by boat and sit in the sun on the pier, you will always have a relaxing time at this lovely old pub. If it were the evening, we may have stopped for a delicious meal as The Pandora Inn has never failed to impress us, but it was still early afternoon and the sun was bright so we wanted to make the most of it. Finishing the last of our cooling refreshments, we retraced our steps, got back in the car and headed onto our next adventure!

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