Cenarth and the Coracle Centre, Newcastle Emlyn

Cenarth and the Coracle Centre, Newcastle Emlyn

Home to a 200 year old bridge, once the longest single span bridge in the world, and a 13th Century mill overlooking the falls, Cenarth also lays claim to the Cenarth Coracle Centre.

Once used all over Britain and the world, the once widely-popular coracles are now used in few places, Cenarth being one. Traditionally made from strips of willow or ash, the coracles have been used for water transport from the earliest civilizations.

Visit Cenarth’s Coracle Centre and discover its unique collection of coracles from Wales and around the world, from India to North America. Learn all about how the coracles are made and the technique of net fishing with coracles still used in Wales to this day.

The Coracle Centre offers a fascinating insight into traditional ways of life, when fisherman would often walk for miles upriver with their coracles to drift back down with the current. If you’d like to visit the centre, tours can be arranged and last for about half an hour, packed with interesting facts and engrossing information.

Once you’ve visited the museum, sit by the river and let your mind travel in time. The timeless beauty of the river, pools and the stunning waterfalls will charm and captivate. Then, when you are ready, there is a tearoom, café and two pubs in the village ready to welcome you.

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National Coracle Centre at Cenarth Falls Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire SA38 9JL | 01239 710980 |


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