Sandford Orchards, Crediton

Sandford Orchards, Crediton

If you’re after a taste of real Devon cider, Sandford Orchards are the cidermakers to be watching and following. Head to The Cider Works in Crediton to wet your whistle with one of their delightful beverages.

Barny Butterfield, chief cidermaker at Sandford Orchards, was first pressing and bottling cider back in 2002 in an old shed for his friends and family. Nowadays, you can find him and the popular Sandford Orchards thriving at The Cider Works in Crediton where you can buy from the vast range of ciders and juices, as well as enjoy a relaxed evening in The Tap Room Bar.

The lovely folk at Sandford Orchards pride themselves on using locally sourced fruit – most of their orchards are within 5 miles – and only pressing apples which are grown in Devon. Using traditional methods, Sandford Orchards aims to preserve the West Country’s origins and spirit of cider making, and to bring Devonian Cider back into the limelight.

There is an array of ciders to match everyone’s tastes – they have a deliciously rich modern range with its crisp and fruity Devon Red and its dry and sparkling Shaky Bridge. Straight from the pump, sample Creedy Vintage, a barrel aged cider, or have a taste of Old Kirton, straw pressed and so relaxing it is just what the doctor ordered. Sandford Orchards aren’t afraid to try something new, creating an innovative and pioneering range such as The General and Dry Hopped, so be sure to take a look through their unique one-of-a-kind small batches on their website before they are whipped off the shelves.

For an insight and sneak peek into how these delights are made, take a tour of the Cider Works and see how Devon apples are transformed into the rich and beloved Sandford Orchards cider. The tour lasts for a couple of hours and includes tasting samples – find out which of their complex and delicious beverages is your favourite! You can also enjoy a laid back evening at The Cider Works in The Tap Room Bar on Friday evenings where you can experience a perfect blend of friendly banter, crisp cider and fresh stone baked sourdough pizzas.

Whether you order some cider to enjoy whilst away on holiday or you decide to spend an evening in The Tap Room Bar, Sandford Orchards cider is the best to try if you’re looking for that authentic and traditional Devon taste.

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Website | Sandford Orchards, The Cider Works, Commonmarch Lane, Crediton, Devon | 01363 777822

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