Canonteign Falls, Christow

Canonteign Falls, Christow

One of my favourite parts of Devon is Dartmoor National Park and being over 368 square-miles big, this vast moorland has lots of little gems and secrets to explore and my most recent discovery was the secluded and beautiful Canonteign Falls. 

During my stay in Devon , I made the most of the spectacular nearby landscape by going on long walks and day-hikes. As a nature lover and a photography enthusiast, I was highly recommended to visit the Canonteign Falls – England’s highest and most impressive manmade waterfall.

Found in the picturesque Teign Valley, Canonteign Falls is made up a mixture of natural and manmade waterfalls, beautiful ancient rock formations, idyllic ponds and lakes and offers a sanctuary for wildlife to thrive and for visitors to find a sense of peace and tranquillity. Arriving at the location, the winter sun was shining over the still water of the ponds – wrapped up tight in our coats, we were ready to make the most of the eighty acres of stunning countryside.

There was a choice of three scenic walks to take; The Falls Nature Walk, Grandad’s Way and the Lakeland Wildlife Walk – all made for different abilities and sceneries. We started with the Fall Nature Walk which took us up 90 Victorian steps towards the 220ft high waterfall. On the way, there were a variety of streams and mini waterfalls but also the lovely Secret Garden filled with Scots Pine and the Victorian Fern Garden. The walk up to the waterfall took about an hour and twenty minutes, and though quite vigorous the view was completely worth it. The spectacular moorland of Dartmoor felt like it went on forever as far as the eye could see. We were lucky to have had such a clear day to enjoy it and it made for the perfect location for a picnic with a hot drink.

The descent took us down a different path, deep in the woodlands – peeking through the tress you could see the pretty lakes below. It was a pleasant surprise to not bump into many people on our way up or down from the waterfall, giving us the chance to truly feel at peace in the calm and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There were seven ponds to explore, including the Lily Lake and the Swan Lake. Each lake was the home to a variety of wildlife; though the weather was cold it was spectacular to see Kingfishers and other wildfowl as well as even some butterflies milling around the water. They had even been alleged sightings of otters during our visit!

After a stroll around the lakes and ponds, we decided to reward ourselves from the hike at the on-site waterside café, taking a seat outside to truly enjoy the sounds of nature. Drinking a hot cup of coco, we soaked up the sunshine alongside the view and made a note of the next time we were in Devon to definitely come back during the spring to see the woodlands full of life and bloom.

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