New Forest

Forest Falconry, The New Forest

Forest Falconry, The New Forest

Forest Falconry is a stunning woodland site set in the beautiful New Forest which boasts a stunning range of birds of prey from majestic owls to soaring falcons. With a deep focus on welfare, conservation and the needs of every bird in their care, you can enjoy an up close and personal experience knowing you are in good hands.

Perfect for special days out with the family, Forest Falconry offers intimate experiences with their beautiful birds which consists of learning about each individual bird and species, carrying birds with a glove, teaching young Falcons how to fly and much, much more and all in the hands with friendly and welcoming experts.

All of the experiences take place in the spectacular woodland, so you can see these magnificent birds in their prime and in their element. Witness the beautiful hawks flying above you in the tree canopy as you stroll through the wooded paths and meet some of the world’s biggest species of owls who have a wingspan of over five feet! Train what this bird sanctuary calls their ‘Jet Fighters’ – the impressive Falcons whose speeds can be in excess of 120 miles per hour – and enjoy a flight to gloves with the kings of the birds; the dazzling Golden Eagles.

Forest Falconry also opens for photographic days; offering professional advice on how to get the most of out of equipment whilst also getting the birds into their most optimum and national positions for the best possible photo. Just like the experiences above, group sizes are kept small so that you can freely move around with your equipment in peace and get one-to-one with these enchanting birds.

Whether you’re wanting to experience something new or an enthusiast who wants to spend the day with their favourite bird, Forest Falconry is a unique day-out in the New Forest for everyone to enjoy.

Please note than children need to be over 13 to enjoy days at Forest Falconry and due to the sensitivity of the birds they regret that they cannot accept dogs on site.

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