Raglan Castle, Raglan

Raglan Castle, Raglan

Subject to a 13 week-long siege by Oliver Cromwell's forces in the tail end of the Civil War, Raglan Castle was brought to its knees and systematically destroyed in 1646. Fortunately, enough remains to give us a sense of how awe-inspiring the castle must have originally been and provides a fascinating glimpse into the area’s past.

As it happens, the siege that led to the tragic demise of Raglan Castle was the only real show of force it was ever subjected to. With its development beginning in the 1430s, it was fashionably late to the castle-construction party. Most castles at the time had been around for over 100 years, but this later approach meant that the castle benefited from more modern design and considerations.

Created as a symbol of wealth and influence, the castle is carved and embellished with hugely attractive features. From its multi-angular towers to the huge mullioned windows to the intricately carved wooden panels inside, it was and remains both an extravagant declaration and ode to the skill and artistry of the craftsmen who worked on the build.

Surrounded by rolling countryside and enveloped by a beautiful moat, Raglan Castle is a must-visit. Hanging on to the remains of its former glory, the castle remnants are perhaps even more possessing and intriguing in their skeletal state. Whispering at bygone eras and refusing to lose itself to history, it invites visitors to tread the footsteps of time.


With varied opening times throughout the year, it’s worth checking ahead of your visit to make sure the castle is open. Both family and individual tickets can be purchased, and there are also concessions for existing members and disabled, senior and student visitors.

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