Museum in the Park, Stroud

Museum in the Park, Stroud

Museum in the Park is a wonderful establishment which promotes learning and access to education for all with the support of locals, Stroud District Council and many more financial funders. Experience one of the many displays and exhibitions the museum hosts throughout the year or enjoy its usual unique features such as its interesting collection of artefacts connected to Stroud’s history and its beautiful and award-winning Walled Garden.

Upon visiting the Museum, you can find its prestigious collection where most items are strongly linked with the Stroud district and its rich and unique history. The collections currently consist of over 57,000 objects of which 4000 are specially hand picked to be on display; you can see a range of interesting artefacts from dinosaur bones to old farming equipment. The museum prides itself on learning the stories as well as the history behind these items, delving into who created and used these items and why. For those who want to delve deeper and research more into Stroud’s background, you can always request an appointment to see some of non-displayed items behind the scenes.

On site, you will also find the pretty walled garden which opened in October 2016. Once a derelict and neglected vegetation patch, this garden has been thoughtfully restored into its award-winning beauty which can be seen today. Not only a wonderful pleasure ground to take a stroll in, but the garden was also designed with events in mind to cater for any exhibitions and shows happening connected with the museum. The garden is split into four different quarters, the first one offers beautiful flower beds, the second is the home to the exquisite and modern building, The Learning Pavilion, the third quarter consists of the picturesque apple and pear orchard whereas the final quarter is the kitchen garden with a spacious lawn created specifically for events.

The museum hosts a range of exhibitions and events throughout the year showcasing and highlighting both new and old artistic talents as well as demonstrating histories from around the world. Throughout February and March 2019, the museum is the home to Japan: A floating World In Print which consists of a unique and captivating display of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcut prints. Be sure to check out the Museum’s webpage to see what currents events and displays are being held during your visit to Gloucestershire.

One of the greatest things about the Museum is that the admission is free. Some events ask for a small fee or donation but the gardens and the Museum itself are free to the public, promoting learning and access to education for all. Whether you’re just looking for a spot to enjoy the countryside and take a walk or if you’re wanting to lose yourself in Stroud’s long and unique history, this is a wonderful day out for the whole family.

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