Lamorran Gardens, South Cornwall

Lamorran Gardens, South Cornwall

Lamorran Garden in St Mawes is one of Cornwall’s best kept secrets. An intimate, south-facing garden that’s carved with weaving paths and embraced by barely tamed wilderness, it’s a true haven that invites all those who enter to lose themselves for a while.

Nothing more than an overgrown slope tangled with stubborn brambles and wayward weeds, Lamorran Gardens’ first chapter began in 1982 when the 4-acre plot was acquired by Robert and Marian-Antoinette Dudley-Cooke. Armed with determination and a dream of recreating the efflorescent beauty of la Mortella gardens of Ischia island, the couple set to work.

Led by Robert’s plan to create an informal, romantic garden divided into tiers and connected by curving paths and regal archways, the couple began to transform their ideas into reality. With commanding views of the St Anthony’s Head, the lighthouse and the sea beyond, the incredible panoramas set the perfect scene as the gardens took shape.

Carefully conceived, intricately arranged and lovingly maintained, the gardens these days have ranked within BBC Gardener’s World’s top 10 favourite UK gardens yet remain a closely guarded secret for many. A space for enjoyment and reflection, the aesthetic mix of Japanese, Mediterranean and English styles reflect the desire to create tranquillity and beauty in harmony with nature.

If you find yourself with some time to spare, you should definitely put a few hours aside to exploring the subtropical garden’s many pockets, from the woodland corner to the Japanese garden with Koi pond to the ruined temple which doubles as a wedding venue. Take in the sea views as you meander your way around and enjoy the warm kiss of the sea breeze that trickles through the branches.

Lamorran Gardens are open in the summer (April to September) on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 5pm. Light refreshments are served on the terrace and you can opt for a traditional cream tea or hearty slice of cake right up until closing time.

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