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The Weir Garden

The Weir Garden

The kind of place where you can lose yourself betwixt gnarled barks, discover radiant faces of exquisite plants, look out for rare birds that flit from branch to branch and bask in the sunshine next to the lucid body of the River Wye, the Weir Garden is  one of the many gems hidden amongst Herefordshire’s luscious expanse.

Located within unspoilt sprawling countryside synonymous with Herefordshire, this National Trust-run site has for centuries been a pleasure ground for walking, boating, swimming and escaping the thrum of city streets. With written records of the garden stretching as far back as 1673 to the gentryman Thomas Symth, further excavations have revealed an even deeper-rooted history.

The focus of an ITV Time Team excavation in 2005, a fascinating history was unearthed. Discovered to be the site of Roman remains, the gardens would once have been home to a beautiful riverside temple overlooking the water. Hidden away by the hands of time, the team unveiled a beautiful chequered mosaic and even today, two large buttresses which would have supported the structure can still be seen.

Passed on through different families over the years, the Weir Garden was eventually bequeathed to the National Trust in 1985. With the garden’s former-family mansion now a residential home for the elderly, the gardens are open to the public to enjoy an ever-changing tapestry with the seasons. From spring’s bluebells to summer’s wildflowers to autumn’s burnt orange leaves, there is always inspiration to be found.

Managed to provide a rich, varied habitat for wildlife, a visit to the garden doesn’t just offer a chance to unwind but also an opportunity to glimpse beautiful species too. Blackcaps, kingfishers, sand martins and teal are but some of the notable species to frequent the garden and riverside, while iridescent dragonflies, banded damselflies and intricately patterned butterflies lend colour wherever they go.

With opening hours throughout the year, a visit to the Weir Garden is definitely recommended if you are staying in one of our luxury retreats.

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The Weir Garden, Swainshill, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 7QF |01981 590 509 | www.nationaltrust.org.uk/the-weir-garden

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