Delicious Somerset Cheeses

Delicious Somerset Cheeses

Crumbly, rich, soft, light or wrapped in vines, there is surely nothing better than delicious wedges of Somerset cheese enjoyed with a glass of fine wine.   

The perfect accompaniment to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’ve laid out some of Somerset’s must-try cheeses for you to enjoy during your luxury holiday.

Cave Matured Cheddar

The award-winning Cave Matured Cheddar is made by the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company. Matured for 12 months within Cheddar Gorge’s natural caves, these unique conditions and the influence of the cave environment create a smooth, well-rounded cheddar that is too good to resist.

Westcombe Somerset Ricotta

Made by Westcombe Dairy in Evercreech, this Somerset Ricotta is a light and fresh tasting cheese with just the right amount of salt, characterised by a rich, grainy texture. Perfect for everything from starters to desserts, or simply spread on toast with a little jam or olive oil. Yum.


A wonderful goat's cheese made by White Lake Cheeses, Eve is as attractive as it is tasty. A soft, squidgy cheese that is washed in Somerset cider brandy and wrapped up in vine leaves, it is a real treat and stands its ground both on its own and as part of a showstopping cheese board. 

Wyfe of Bath

The Bath Soft Cheese Co. have created an organic, succulent semi-hard cheese that will leave you dribbling in anticipation. Made by placing the curd in cloth lined baskets, this nutty and creamy cheese keeps the shape of the basket and has a soft light caramel colour. A must try. 


If you are into your cooking, Ogleshield with its orange-pink rind is the one for you. Originally created by Bill Oglethorpe and adapted by Jamie Montgomery and Tim Griffey, this washed rind cow's milk cheese has a gentle but complex flavour and soft and pliant texture, perfect for melting! Raclette, anyone? 


Matured for at least 4 to 5 months, the older the better with this fantastic cheese! Made near Shepton Mallet by Wooton Organic Dairy, this ewe's milk cheese is famed for its harder, crumblier body contained within a natural rind. Enjoy more intense flavours as the cheese ages, and swish down with a glass of red wine. 

Keen's Cheddar

One of the most popular types of cheese to spring to mind, cheddar is a global favourite. Having been made on Moorhayes Farm since 1899, this particular cheddar is an obvious choice if you are looking to indulge in smooth, creamy, tangy goodness.

Oak Smoked Pendragon Buffalo 

One of the many beauties produced by the Somerset Cheese Company, the Oak Smoked Pendragon buffalo cheese is a mouthful in name only. With a delicate smoky flavour and beautiful buttery, creamy texture that just melts on the tongue, this will be a firm favourite. 

 Feeling inspired? Find a luxury cottage to enjoy your cheese here.

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