The Bath Skyline Walk

The Bath Skyline Walk

Only a short distance from Bath yet a world away from the hubbub of the city, the Bath Skyline Walk makes tracks across skyline hills, wildflower meadows, ancient woodland and picturesque valleys.

Perfect for short breaks and stretched-out holidays, the city of Bath has it all. With its world-class attractions, eateries, shopping opportunities and historic sites, it has everything you could need for a city break. That said, it’s not just the urban delights that are a treat here, for around the city is a range of pillowy hills and sprawling countryside that offer wonderful opportunities for stretching the legs and reviving to the soundtrack of lilting birdsong and susurrant leaves. 

One of the best walks in the area, the Bath Skyline Walk really makes the most of Bath’s beautiful landscapes. Continuing for 6 miles in a circular loop around the city, it takes between 3.5 to 4 hours to complete and can be undertaken by all those with a good level of fitness. If you are not already within walking distance of the start of the walk – located on Bathwick Hill at Cleveland Walk – then you can often find parking along the road nearby. 

As soon as you start walking, you’ll be able to immediately appreciate the contrast to city life this route affords. With building-lined streets giving way to tree-lined valleys, the irresistible call of nature will pull you along the Bay Skyline Walk. As you go, you can incorporate detours along the way, including the short detour to Sham Castle near the beginning of the walk, or simply follow the lead of the footpath and travel onwards. 

Needless to say, whatever time of year you choose to complete this walk, you’ll be rewarded to incredible sights and far-reaching views. In spring, the countryside panoramas are made all the more attractive with the addition of countless multi-coloured blooms, while in autumn, the trees of Bathwick Wood, Bathampton Wood and more adopt auburn cloaks that eventually slip down to lay thick carpets underfoot.

Just as enchanting as the views, the area’s wildlife also makes this walk particularly special. From the conspicuous humps of yellow meadow ants’ nests to the beautiful flashes of colour from green woodpeckers and jays to the gnarled limbs and delicate leaves of countless trees, there is something at every turn to capture your attention and keep you firmly locked in the present. 

If you are interested in the 6-mile Bath Skyline Walk but don’t want to walk as far, you can choose to simply walk part of the loop or opt for the shorter 3-mile Walk to the View route instead.

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