A gathering of friends by the fire at Alsia Mill

A gathering of friends by the fire at Alsia Mill

After fighting off the snow and ice of early February, Jaz and her friends found sanctuary in Alsia Mill, a stunning and large property tucked away from the hustle and bustle near Sennen Cove in Cornwall. Leaving work in the evening, Jaz was desperate to catch up with her loved ones and relax in utter luxury in the warmth and comfort of such a beautiful property.

Arriving on an icy night, we could see the lights of Alsia Mill in the distance. We drove over the ford and pulled up to the property, eager to get inside and away from the cold air. Opening the door, we were greeted by the toasty warmth of the property as well as the high vaulted ceilings and the elegant chandelier which hung over the entrance hall. Longing to take everything in, we all went around the property together gasping and jumping with joy over all the pretty little details from our generous welcome pack, fresh flowers, unique trinkets, gorgeous décor and three log-burners all laid out ready to strike a match to.

We all gathered in the charming and luxurious kitchen and dining area, ready to spend an evening cooking together with a bottle of wine by the fire. We made a delicious home-made meal of cottage pie; the kitchen was ever so well equipped and with the centre island it was easy for us all to pitch in and help out. We decided to turn the lights down and enjoy a meal with the light of the log burner. Sat at the large table, we managed to spend many hours tucking into our food, taking it easy and spending some much-needed quality time together. We ate and drank merrily into the night before retreating to our bedrooms – I took the liberty of having the master bedroom which was wonderfully spacious, cosy and with the largest bed I have ever slept in!

Feeling refreshed, I pulled back the curtains and was greeted by the sight of the sun bursting through the very last of last night’s winter storm clouds. With the view from the top bedroom, I got my first glimpse at the gardens; lush, green and full of life even for February. I could see the stream bubbling away through the grounds, a variety of garden ornaments and garden benches as well as different nooks and crannies to explore – I couldn’t wait to see what I’d discover in it all later!

We had a lazy morning of preparing breakfast, eating the delicious home-made scones left for us and watching the sunshine come through the back door. At midday, Mysti, a lively and bouncy English Springer Spaniel, arrived with more friends to enjoy the rest of the weekend with us. We took her out into the garden as she was so excited by the large open spaces and was a desperate in need of a walk after her drive. The grounds are over 4 acres and a mixture of landscapes from manicured lawns to pretty, little orchards - Mysti loved poking her nose into every bush and gap she could find! We had several hours of playing ball with her in the garden whilst we sat on the benches listening to the peaceful tranquillity of bird song as the sun rays lit up the magical grounds.


As night began to fall, we returned to the house, retreating to the warmth. Our group went their separate ways, some enjoying the extensive library of books in the living room on the plump stylish sofas as others prepared an evening meal in the kitchen in the company of Mysti by the fire. After a hot meal, we all decided to sit down for board games in the dining room – we started with the few that were left there such as chess and Scrabble before moving onto some of our own. One of us took Mysti out for a walk before shouting for the rest of us to come out. Confused, we all grabbed our coats to see what the fuss was about to then be greeted by a sea of stars in the sky – unpolluted and untouched by light. Though Alsia Mill is only a 15-minute drive from Penzance and a 3-minute drive from St Buryan, it is so tucked away from the rest of the world that you can see the stars with such clarity. It was utterly beautiful and once-in-a-life-time sight to see. We ended up going to bed incredibly late as we enjoyed the stars so much that we lit the outside firepit to stay warm whilst gazing.

We woke up very late the next morning and we all decided to eat a cooked breakfast in our pyjamas together – something we all haven’t done for years together. It was glorious to feel so relaxed with each other somewhere other than home. We wrapped up once more with the intention of driving to Sennen Cove, only a few minutes away, however the weather wasn’t as enticing as the day before and Mysti was determined to spend the afternoon in her new favourite place, so we decided to stay close by and enjoy the gardens again. Being so large, there was also new things to find such as the unique child’s statue in the grass, the pretty, painted old plough and much more (plus many potential sticks for Mysti to chew on and walk around with!).

After a gentle but frosty stroll around the grounds, we couldn’t wait to retire to the living room by the fireplace. We had the television on but ended up completely ignoring and embracing each other’s company. We all work full time so rarely spend days together, only very brief evenings whenever we are all free, so it was such a wonderful opportunity to actually talk for hours on end, laugh at each other’s quirky stories and remind ourselves why we are all such good friends. Though we appreciated the beauty of this grand property, the extensive and well-loved gardens and the rest and relaxation we gained, on departure, we all agreed that the best thing about Alsia Mill is that it gave us the chance and space to strengthen our bonds as friends.  

Fancy having a special family or friends gathering at the wonderful Alsia Mill in Cornwall? Find out more about this gorgeous property here.  

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