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Seeking magic in lockdown | A love note to January

Seeking magic in lockdown | A love note to January

We begin the very first journal of 2021 in a contemplative mood with thoughts turning to our hopes and expectations for the year ahead. Despite this year not commencing as we may have hoped, and of course the current national lockdown in place – we plan to resume seeking magic and all things which spark joy in our everyday.

As with every January, it can be difficult to shake off the post-festive lack of inspiration, and that’s more than okay during times like these. With a shift in perspective and dose of creativity, we hope to share our methods for finding comfort in the slow days, until we can adventure again. With a year of opportunities awaiting our discovery, there’s thrill to be found in the art of wanderlust; with a heavenly collection of luxury retreats as our muse, we’re relishing the joy in plotting your future escapes.

We’ve included a handful of our cosiest, dream-worthy moments which can be recreated in our home abodes - until that cherished time when we can flee to our retreat of dreams for a much-deserved getaway. From those newfound captures of quiet we crave in our often-hectic daily lives, to noticing life's little luxuries and taking time for ourselves, beauty lies in those slow moments which possess the most magic. Uncover a gift from us to you, for our journey through these in-between days; let’s rediscover beauty in the ordinary, little snippets of everyday magic and perhaps most importantly – inspiration for those future adventures…

A love note to January, we can uncover all the magic you hold if we just look a little closer, dream a little deeper and discover escapism for the soul.

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