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Cornish Wine Tasting at The Granary

Cornish Wine Tasting at The Granary

Wine. There’s just something about wine that has cemented its place in history as one of the most popular drinks in the world. In fact, the art of wine production has been around for at least 7,000 years and is one that is practised across the globe today. Along with its great taste, purported health benefits and culturally unifying properties, this heavenly beverage is one of the best accompaniments to delectable dishes and discourse around. So, what better way for us to spend an afternoon than with Cornish Wine Tasting and The Granary, learning all about the wines grown right here in our very own Cornwall?

All About Wine with Cornish Wine Tasting

Looking at our Boutique homestay, The Granary, from the manicured garden on the Roseland

Understandably, it’s easy to focus on large, global players like France, Italy, and the United States when it comes to wine production. But did you know that there are some fantastic local producers right here in sun-kissed Cornwall creating internationally award-winning wines? Producing a range of white, red, and rosé still and sparkling wines, these masters in viniculture are firmly establishing themselves on the world wine stage. To unbottle some of the very best around and learn about all the artisan methods involved in their production, we joined up with Kate, our lovely wine expert for the day and the mastermind behind Cornish Wine Tasting, and Emma, our wonderful owner of The Granary.

The beautiful kitchen and dining room of The Granary, our fabulous homestay on the Roseland in Cornwall

Setting the scene, The Granary with its grand Cornish granite and Roseland slate walls created the most mesmerising backdrop for our foray into Cornish wines. Set within bucolic countryside on the gorgeous Roseland Peninsula, this former wheat mill-turned-luxury homestay imbued a brilliant sense of occasion and heightened our excitement as we made our way over. Stepping through large French patio doors open in the May sunshine, we gathered inside, soaking up the tastefully styled, light-filled kitchen and interiors. Casting our gaze over organic textures, farmhouse-style inflections, and luxurious modern touches, we immediately fell for its charm.

A view of the beautiful kitchen in The Granary, our Boutique Retreat on the Roseland in Cornwall

Exuding welcoming, inclusive vibes, Kate prepared the dining table with a mouth-watering charcuterie spread, information sheets and tasting notes as we all chattered. Running private wine tasting tours since 2018, she established Cornish Wine Tasting to offer an independent introduction to Cornish wineries, all from the comfort and convenience of home. Allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy as each glass is served to you at your own Boutique abode, Kate encourages everyone to learn about wine in a laidback, digestible way without any pressure (and without the worry of who’s going to be designated driver). Even better, as Kate is not associated with any of the vineyards, you are free to state your favourite vinos sans hesitation.

The Art of Tasting

A view of the dining table with wine glasses and charcuterie, a wood burning stove in the background, and the garden beyond through the windows

Once we’d peeled ourselves away from the incredible foodie spread that Emma had also prepared for us, we gathered around the table and turned our attention to the main event: the wine. Having outlined all there was to look forward to, Kate fell into a fluid explanation about the Cornish wines that she had selected for us to sample and what treats were in store. Above all, she assured us that as wine tasting was so subjective, there was no right or wrong way of experiencing it. Instead, she gave us handy pointers to help us decipher what we might see, smell and taste - creating a relaxed, non-judgemental space for us to confidently declare “lemons” with every aromatic inhale.

Kate of Cornish Wine Tasting hosting a tasting session at The Granary on the Roseland

For each wine, we first made note of its appearance before swirling it around in its glass and inhaling the characteristic aromas of each, from elderflower to vanilla to… lemons. As we sipped, we chatted happily away about what we could taste and what we liked about each, noting how subtly tastes changed when combined with other flavours and how long tastes trilled on our tongues. For those who were driving, a spittoon was provided so that each wine could still be sampled, and for those who were not driving, a selection of breads were also provided.

A selection of charcuterie at The Granary

For our particular wine experience, we were invited to try Knightor Winery’s Madeleine Angevine 2011, followed by Camel Valley’s Atlantic Dry 2022 and Cornwall Brut 2019, Polgoon Vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc 2022, and Trevibban Mill’s Rock Rose 2022 and Black Ram 2022. Guided with information about how each wine was made, the different methods and the unique factors and terroirs that influenced production, we found our awareness of not just the wines but their unique stories and processes growing too. Understanding the intricate, labour-intensive production involved in many of the region’s traditional method wines, our whole appreciation changed. Wine was no longer just a drink, but an artisanal work of craftsmanship.

The Boutique Retreat's team enjoying a fantastic Cornish Wine Tasting experience at The Granary

By the end of the day, not only had we each gained a new favourite wine, but we had also absorbed a huge amount of information without even realising we had done so. Passionate about her subject, Kate’s engaging and relaxed style set the perfect tone and created an environment for both learning about wines and having fun together. Needless to say, we were all left eagerly planning both our returns to The Granary and when we could host another wine tasting experience at our own homes.

The glass-fronted facade of The Granary, our gorgeous Boutique homestay on the Roseland Peninsula

Kate at Cornish Wine Tasting offers wine tasting experiences at homes throughout Cornwall, and can tailor events to your party’s needs and requirements. And, should you wish to combine it with a sojourn at The Granary, you are sure to enjoy the dreamiest experience. Click here to book your stay at The Granary and read here for more information about Cornish Wine Tasting.

The Beautiful Roseland

A view of Porthcurnick Beach on the Roseland with blue skies, blue sea and golden sand, with a pretty pink flower in the foreground

If you are interested in a blissful escape at The Granary, our four-bedroom retreat welcomes up to eight people and is located just a stone’s throw from the Roseland’s beautiful coast and sparkling waterfront of St Mawes. Famed for its divine coastline, bucolic landscapes and picturesque villages, this emerald peninsula offers an enchanting sojourn. Particular highlights, the sandy beaches of Carne, Porthcurnick and Portscatho are all within a fifteen minute drive of The Granary and beckon for slow moments along glistening coastline. Bundle up a hamper of goodies from Portscatho’s Curgurrell Farm Shop and head seaward to savour the freshest tastes of Cornwall paired with the most incredible views.

A view of the front of the Roseland Inn pub in Philleigh on the Roseland

Speaking of food, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries on the Roseland, including The Roseland Inn in Philleigh (just a mile from The Granary), the Michelin-recommended Idle Rocks in St Mawes, and the Michelin-recommended Driftwood in Portscatho. For private dining à la maison, private chef Jamie Beetham is based a stone's throw from The Granary and offers exceptional food and impeccable service. Of course, if you can’t wait to further your vino-based exploration, then a trip to Knightor’s Portscatho vineyard is an absolute must too. Just over two miles from The Granary, this sun-kissed, sea-view site is home to acres of rolling vineyards and fields, as well as a popular restaurant and bar, proffering the perfect space to walk, wine and dine.  

A glass of white wine on the table during a tasting experience with Cornish Wine Tasting at The Granary on the Roseland

Header and footer image credit: Kate Whis Photography

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